• VIP DAY: Customized to combine the coaching you need in personal, professional and positional development.  Spend one full day working to create a blueprint and business model specifically created and catered to your entrepreneurial needs.  Leave with a sassy plan thats powerful and actionable.  My exact swipe files are included.   
  • VIP Half-Day: Private 4-hour Laser Focused Coaching Session on teaching you the attraction formula that will help you earn massive cash by landing your ideal clients and customers with confidence and ease. 
  • 90-Day Development Coaching: Individual coaching that helps you develop a product or service based on your purpose, passion, and unique experiences geared directly toward your target market.  This is for you if you are looking to gain support in creating a development plan, product, service or program in your market place.  My team and I will develop your presentation tools, scripts, copy and content you'll need to make more profit selling your new creation.
  • 28-Day Jump-start your Success: Breakthrough sessions to motivate you in the right direction even if you don't know how to make it happen.  Are you finally ready to put an end to the negative self-talk and the limiting beliefs that have been haunting you and holding you back?  Are you ready to figure out what your passion is and monetize with purpose.  No matter what life has thrown at you it's time to get inspired to take action and make a difference.
  • Put Your "SASS" Online Course - CLICK HERE: 8 modules carefully crafted to help develop your online course or program, your signature system, and grow your business like never before.  Get precisely clear on all the aspects of your program from client avatar to social media marketing to teaching mindset.  All at your convenience and schedule. 


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"With FOUNDationYOU® coaching I have accomplished more in the last few weeks than I have accomplished in years so that in itself is cause for celebration! I have completed the first five modules and have been taking my own notes and created a schedule so that I complete each of my goals.  I have learned that I am a perfectionist and that I just need to move forward. It feels great to say "I need this done and I have 1 hour to complete it." Great or not, I can always fix it later.  Thank you, Melissa, for keeping me motivated and on track!"     -Michelle Hebert Founder of www.crateandparty.com

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 Melissa Young-Dorn, PhD candidate is the bestselling self-help author of the book "How to Find your Super Awesome Sassy Self!"  She's been a teacher for over sixteen years,  as well as a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and an award winning coach.  She is the CEO and Founder of FOUNDationYOU® a program designed to transform women's lives from not-so-hot, to unbelievably MORE-than-satisfying.  Her approaches are cutting edge and spot on for results within this everlasting changing modern world. 

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